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Dermaworks is an ideal choice for Ottawa JUVÉDERM treatments. We prioritize patient comfort, wellness, and of course safety in every aspect of our operations, administering these and other treatments with care and precision. By scheduling a private consultation and evaluation with our team, we can help verify whether this is the best approach for you. We’d love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: In accordance with Health Canada regulations, we are limiting the information we share regarding JUVÉDERM and other available treatments. If you would like further details regarding the nature of this service, we welcome you to reach out to our highly experienced and capable team. We will help you make a well-informed, mindful decision regarding this treatment – it may even end up that an alternative service is better suited to your needs. Please note that JUVÉDERM results are not guaranteed and can potentially vary.

Look Younger with JUVÉDERM

Whether you are tired of seeing deep smile lines, vertical lip lines beneath the nose and above the lip, or creases and lines from nose to mouth, or mouth to chin, lost volume and the body’s reduced natural collagen production will ultimately create unwanted wrinkles and folds that will become deeper and more obvious with time. Fortunately, we deliver some of the best JUVÉDERM Ottawa has to offer, and getting rid of stubborn lines is a thing of the past.

Juvederm Filler Ottawa, Dermawork

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Juvederm Ottawa
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Juvederm Ottawa
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Improve Sagging Skin and Wrinkles with JUVÉDERM™

Fight sags and wrinkles and get back your healthy, refreshed look with our JUVÉDERM in Ottawa. JUVÉDERM is a safe and effective way to replace volume and structure lost by smoothing facial lines. This nonsurgical product is made from a specialized hyaluronic acid gel and is highly effective in treating moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.


Why choose JUVÉDERM injections? Various facial issues can be corrected with a conservative use of the collection of JUVÉDERM products. Some of the flaws treated with this family of fillers includes:

  • Thin lips
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Lines, wrinkles, folds, creases
  • Sagging facial skin
  • Forehead creases and lines
  • Lip lines
  • Laugh lines
  • Frown lines
  • Chin wrinkles and lines
Juvederm Filler Ottawa, Dermawork

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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Our Ottawa JUVÉDERM treatments can help you restore youthful looking cheeks, beautiful lips, a more defined jawline without jowls, and a chin that is balanced with the rest of your facial features. The changes are subtle but impressive – when the treatment is performed by our highly-skilled and experienced physician, Dr. Vassiliou.

After just one 30-minute JUVÉDERM treatment at Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Ottawa, you will see noticeable improvements in your facial appearance. You will look like yourself, but a refreshed, rested and more youthful you. The natural-looking results of our JUVÉDERM Ottawa lip injections typically last up to one year, with other fillers lasting even longer before re-treatment is needed, but every person is different.

Custom JUVÉDERM Treatments in Ottawa

Just like not all skin is the same, anti-aging wrinkle and facial treatments should never be one-size-fits-all either. At Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic, with the expertise of our physician, we work with you to customize a treatment plan that will achieve the beautiful results you envision. Whether that plan includes our JUVÉDERM Ottawa treatment or another one of our effective, non-surgical medical treatments we use the products and services that effectively achieve natural looking results.

Refresh Your Facial Appearance with JUVÉDERM

The JUVÉDERM family of products provides a range of different formulas for various facial areas, each developed to address specific problems. The formulas include:

  • JUVÉDERM Voluma : A groundbreaking new dermal filler, this product enhances cheek volume for up to two years for lift and definition.
  • JUVÉDERM Volift: To soften moderate to severe wrinkles and lines on various facial areas, this product produces a smoother facial look, with results lasting up to 18 months.
  • JUVÉDERM Volbella : The perfect filler to add subtle volume to lips and smooth lip lines. It is a thinner, finer formula that lasts up to one year.
  • JUVÉDERM Ultra XC: This filler may be the appropriate choice if you want to enhance lip volume.
  • JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus XC: A thicker version of Ultra XC, this filler may be used to correct more serious facial wrinkles or fill in cheek depressions, and contains lidocaine to help make injections easier to experience.

JUVÉDERM and Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance the body produces naturally. It has some remarkable qualities, including the ability to attract and hold moisture. In our younger years, the quantity of hyaluronic acid producedby the body gives younger people skin that appears fresh, supple, and firm. As we age, the body stops producing the same quantity of this substance, and the skin begins to lose its firm quality. JUVÉDERM products are made from synthetic hyaluronic acid, easily tolerated and accepted.

The “Lunchtime Facelift”

Often called a “lunchtime facelift” or a “non-surgical facelift,” the use of JUVÉDERM and other carefully selected dermal fillers can produce impressive results that appear fully natural when the injections are performed with skill and a conservative approach. The ability to sculpt and reshape sagging facial contours is one of the greatest developments in modern aesthetics. Patients who once could have only resolved facial aging with surgery can now look younger, fresher, and rejuvenated within minutes.

Scars and Lost Facial Volume

For those who have depressed facial scars from trauma or left from acne breakouts, JUVÉDERM can be used to smooth depressions. Many people lose facial volume with aging and start to look gaunt. These dermal fillers can add back lost volume in cheeks or temples, rejuvenating your look.

Aging Skin – What to Do About It.

The hyaluronic acid your facial skin has lost due to the passage of time is restored with our JUVÉDERM Ottawa lip injections, restoring volume and adding fullness to your lips. Caring for facial skin is important; using sunscreen, quality skincare products, eating healthy foods, avoiding an excess of alcohol and processed foods are all good strategies for maintaining skin quality and health.

Even the most health-conscious people will eventually notice the signs of aging skin and look for answers. We invite you to find out more about JUVÉDERM and how this collection of dermal fillers can help you stay looking young, refreshed, and healthy for years longer.

About Dr. Vassiliou: Ottawa’s Premier Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

When planning to have a facial rejuvenation treatment, it is the hands behind the injection that matter above all other issues. Dr. Demetra Vassiliou is a highly-respected medical doctor who has garnered a reputation for creating very natural-looking results. Her patients come from Ottawa and the surrounding communities as they know she gives honest advice and creates beautiful results.

Call today and make an appointment for a consultation. Let’s talk honestly and create a plan to correct the damage of time and create the healthy, natural, rested look you deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions


JUVÉDERM is a nonsurgical product is made from a specialized hyaluronic acid gel, used in select facial treatments. Our team can provide medical facts regarding this service to ensure you are correctly informed of the specifics.

How much do JUVÉDERM treatments cost?

The total cost of a JUVÉDERM session will depend on a number of factors. These include the complexity and allotted time required for the treatment sessions. Reach out to us today for a consultation to determine the approximate cost for this and other services.

What Makes JUVÉDERM Different Than Other Dermal Fillers?

Reversing the effects of aging can be a complicated process. It’s more than just tightening loose, sagging skin. JUVÉDERM dermal fillers are long-lasting, versatile fillers that can be used to correct many skin issues. JUVÉDERM is non-allergenic and as one of the safest dermal fillers on the market, it not derived from human or animal DNA sources.

When Will I See Results With JUVÉDERM Dermal Fillers?

Results from an Ottawa JUVÉDERM treatment can be seen almost immediately. It’s important to note that it will take a few days for your final look to settle in. Most patients are extremely satisfied with how quickly JUVÉDERM dermal fillers work.

Will a JUVÉDERM Treatment Hurt?

JUVÉDERM treatments are not painful. You will feel a small pinch as the fine gauge needle is injected into the area. A topical anesthetic can be used to ensure you are comfortable during treatment.

Why do I need a consultation and evaluation?

These are essential steps towards delivering the level of service Dermaworks clients rightfully deserve. By understanding factors including your age, medical history and otherwise, we can present you with the facts and help decide whether this is the right solution for your needs.

How Long Will JUVÉDERM Last?

Our JUVÉDERM Ottawa dermal fillers are some of the longest-lasting fillers on the market today. Depending on the area being treated and the type of JUVÉDERM product used, a single treatment can last anywhere from four to nine months. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun will also increase the duration of the procedure.

What is Recovery Like for a JUVÉDERM Treatment?

JUVÉDERM dermal fillers are a great option if you want to look great, but do not want an extensive recovery period. After treatment, many patients apply makeup and return to their normal daily activities. You may experience slight swelling for a day or two, but that is entirely normal.

Is JUVÉDERM Only For Older Women?

JUVÉDERM dermal fillers can meet the needs of most women of any age. Many women will start treatments when they are younger in their late 20s or early 30s when the first signs of aging begin. JUVÉDERM is an excellent option for older women as well as the dermal fill products can address many of the deeper creases and folds that appear later in life.

Keeping our clients safe, comfortable, and happy remains our top priority. Interested in learning more? We’re happy to help! Contact us today to explore the potentialities of JUVÉDERM and other Dermaworks treatments.

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We invite you to discover the premier face and body enhancement in Ottawa. Schedule a private consultation with us to discover the best in aesthetic treatments.

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